At Copyleft Solutions, our mission is to create open source resourceful solutions and promote open source products. We have been building our business since 2005 with one goal in mind, to uphold the supremacy of open source software. Our vision is a world where software is affordable, accessible, and usable by everyone from every sector, location, background, or education.

Proprietary software comes with limited extensibility, high costs, vendor lock-in, dependency, and software opacity. Open-source gives the freedom to build intuitive solutions and sustainable infrastructure and platforms with its limitless personalization potential, security, support and affordability. These immense features  attracts and inspires us to urge our clients to shift to open-source.

Our clients range from established businesses to blooming startups, at-home passion projects, and ventures run by women. We cater to a wide variety of professionals in various fields and industries. By digitizing their business, improving its IT infrastructure, providing web development, open-source, and digital marketing services.

Web Solutions

Enable your business to meet today’s market challenges by availing our comprehensive Web Solutions.

Copyleft Solutions helps businesses flourish by bringing them online and providing them with a wide range of web services ranging from simple websites to fully functional eCommerce stores. Our focus is to deliver quality, efficiency, and security in all our solutions and services. With our ingenious web solutions, we solve ever-evolving real-world challenges for consumers, companies, & businesses through innovation and research.


Avail unlimited opportunities with intuitive content management systems. Get faster installations & upgrades, increased extensibility, attractive design, and make your online business management easier with our skillfully crafted and easy to maintain CMS.


Increase your customer reach by bringing your business online. Develop your business online, attract new clients, and increase revenue with our established e-commerce solutions. Our e-commerce sites are designed to cater to all, from the biggest companies to at-home businesses and startups.

Domain/Hosting Management

Let us take care of all your domain and hosting management needs. Our top of the line management services will keep your website maintained, updated, secure, and fully functional while you manage your business.

Safety and Security

Fortify your digital infrastructure and websites with our advanced security solutions. Custom made to suit the needs of your business with the latest advanced technologies and security features.

Backup and Restoration

Plan ahead and secure your data by utilizing our backup and recovery services. Create local backups and backups on the cloud to ensure that your data will always be protected and never lost.

Reports and Analytics

Get insight on your website with performance reports, tracking metrics, analytics, and more. With analytical data, ad reports, visit tracking, and more you can develop marketing and sales strategies and grow your business to the next level.

Digital Marketing

Utilize the power of technology to get closer to your customers by using our Digital Marketing Solutions

Get your company the best digital exposure it deserves with our engaging marketing strategies and advanced solutions. We specialize in SEO, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and more. Our digital marketing solutions are uniquely designed to fit your business needs. 

Search ENGine Optimization

Succeed online with our innovative Search Engine Optimization, Site, and Search Engine Ranking Services. Optimize your site to offer a better user experience, generate greater leads, reach larger audiences, and increase search engine visibility.

Social Media Marketing

Expand your Social Media presence with our expert level SMM strategies and improved marketing solutions. Elevate your brand awareness, achieve better customer satisfaction, and gain marketplace insights by utilizing the power of social media marketing.

Email Marketing

Grow your clientele and retain existing ones through our engaging email marketing campaigns. Launch creative and engaging newsletters, promote new products and services, and notify your customers and clients about special offers with our attractive Email Marketing Solutions.

google Ads/Analytics

Get a better understanding of your customers and grow your revenue with Google Analytics and advertising. Utilize the free analytics service to fine-tune your website, track visitors, and get in-depth insights from the best analytics engine on the internet.

Enterprise System Solutions

Lead the way in your industry with our custom built Enterprise System Solutions!

Ranging from custom email solutions and proxy servers to open-source OS, we have over 15 years of experience building optimized Enterprise Systems Solutions helping some of the leading enterprises and businesses.

Our custom build, detailed, end-to-end solutions and enterprising technology will empower your company for your future centric business processes.

Email Solutions

Liberate yourself from proprietary and security issues and use open source email solutions for your organization that are robust, fast and secure.

Copyleft helps you build a custom email solution that not only caters to all your business & communication needs but is also flexible, agile, cost effective and user friendly. 

Proxy Server Solutions

Elevate your internet experience with the help of our full range of proxy servers. With Copyleft Solution’s proxy solutions, improve your bandwidth, response times, speed, and filtering of your internet. Our advanced filtering capabilities give you control over your internet and allows you to restrict unwanted sites with ease and security. 

Open Source OS

We provide a full range of open-source operating system solutions to bring your ideas to life. Our solutions are custom-tailored to fit into your enterprise software ecosystem. With open-source OS, your business can avoid vendor lock-in, achieve customizability, and cut costs. We help companies to migrate from proprietary systems to scalable, robust, and reliable open source solutions.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Copyleft Solutions got the job done just as requested, knew how to do the assignment, was prompt and courteous with responses and overall very professional. The billing, i.e., the time reported for doing the requests, was also very reasonable”

James G.

“Copyleft is by far our favourite freelancer to this date: fast delivery and excellent communication! We’ve hired Copyleft multiple times to work for us and we’ve never been disappointed.”

Gregory H.

Extremely professional service. Swift response. Easy to communicate with and delivered everything defined in the project brief – and more.”

Richard P.

“It has Been a pleasure to hire and work with copyleft I have hired them on more than one project and I have the up most respect for their work, professionalism, expertise, they have great communication, and also great prices I would refer them to anyone. There’s no doubt if you want the job done and done right Hire Them !!!”

Craig A. 

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